5 September 2016

So, apparently time has crept up on me once again and I’m now in my 19th year in recruitment with no rest in sight!

So how can this happen and what’s my advice to stay this long with one company?


Enjoy your work.

This is the most important thing, to enjoy what you do and although recruitment can have its bad moments, the majority has been positive, with every day being different!


Keep learning – even if you think you know it all!

I’m still learning after all this time, new skills, new companies being thrown into the mix with my existing clients that I’ve dealt with – keep on moving and learning!


You need to have a thick skin.

The amount of horror stories can rack up in this amount of time, so it’s best not to take anything to heart, bad things happen, it’s best to deal with it straight away, try to resolve it and carry on as quickly as possible.


Recruitment…recruitment never changes

The basics have remained the same since day 1 and will continue to be!


Anyway, no rest for the wicked, so I’ll leave it for this blog post, until next time / year!

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