Corona Update

17 March 2020

Hi Everyone, just wanted to say that we are currently monitoring the Coronavirus situation, but as it stands, we are business as usual, with currently no change! If you...

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Welcome Safina!

26 July 2017

Hi everyone, we’d just like to take a minute to introduce our latest consultant – Safina! She’s only been here a few months, but she’s bedded in nicely and...

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Tips for Graphic Designers looking for work

12 May 2017

Graphic design is an incredibly rewarding career choice that greatly appeals to people with a true creative flair. Every day will be different for you and you’ll have the...

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19 Years of Recruitment…and with the SAME COMPANY?!

5 September 2016

So, apparently time has crept up on me once again and I’m now in my 19th year in recruitment with no rest in sight! So how can this happen...

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Recruitment is just like Pokémon!

5 August 2016

So, I’m hoping, like me, you’ve been wondering around the streets at night looking for some…Pokémon! That’s right, the future I imagined 10 years ago is finally here, and...

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Get To Know Us!

29 July 2016

Hi everyone! We have been around for quite some time now. We were first established in 1989! We are growing larger and larger as the months go by! You...

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