4 May 2016

So, you’ve got an urgent position that needs filling asap, so all you need to do is advertise, go through all the excellent responses, interview a couple of people within the week and then offer someone, who accepts and starts the following Monday…


…If only it was that simple!


Having been in recruitment for a long time now, I’ve dealt with a wide range of examples of how the recruitment process can pan out.


Here at 1stReactive Recruitment, we try our very best to help keep recruitment, as simple and painless, as possible.

We aim to get as much information about the position and gain as much research about the company as possible, to help with our in-depth candidate profiles to make sure that the initial match for both parties is as strong as possible.


As a small, but well established agency, we have found that approximately 70% of our business comes through our in-house recruitment database, coupled with our strong online presence through various websites.


In the current marketplace, we’re finding that experienced technical candidates are becoming harder to come by, but with our specialities, we can overcome this mainly through our database of candidates that has grown over our 20 years+ in business.


We know that finding the right person and position is never easy, as no two positions are the same and we are here to help guide you through this process.


Please get in contact for a chat, or if you are in the area, feel free to pop in, you can also have a free tea or coffee!



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