Interview Tips

Every interview is different, depending on the company, position and person that you are meeting – not one person is the same!

These tips are designed to provide you with some practical hints on being successful at an interview. Some of this you may already know and may feel it is common sense.

Here at 1stReactive we have a great deal of experience in advising applicants on interview technique.It is our experience that interviews and assessments can bring the best and worst out of people.

Our aim is the help bring the best out of you so that you can be successful in gaining the position you want.

Planning & Preparation

  • Ensure you know where the interview is and how you are going to get there (Online Maps are provided in most cases from 1stReactive).
  • Who is the interview with?
  • What is the interview process? (Is there an assessment, medical, or personnel interview)
  • What exactly are you being interviewed for?
  • Do you have to take anything with you (Passport, certificates, or samples of work)?
  • Be clear on the time of the interview and allow time to find the venue and compose yourself before the interview. (It is therefore recommended that you are there at least 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time).
  • Try and obtain some background information on the company, either from 1stReactive, or from the company’s website or the trade press. Basic research and knowledge about a company is not only a courtesy, but it shows interest and knowledge that can go a long way to impress and help the interview go well.
  • Think of questions that you may be asked. It is important that you not only know about the company and the role you are being interviewed for, it is essential that you know yourself! The reason is that you need to be able to answer the questions without hesitation or seemingly searching for the correct response.
  • Think about any questions you may want answered during the interview.

These are just some general tips, please check our blog section for regular updates and advice for interviews.

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