4 May 2016

During my time as a Recruitment Consultant I have learnt many things; what works, what doesn’t and certainly what not to do. It seems that in today’s society, a lot of stigma surrounds Recruitment Consultants, usually stemming from a bad experience, but the main criticisms that we see generally surround spamming and irrelevant job opportunities. It never fails to amaze me because the main criticisms are not how we operate at 1st Reactive and here’s why…

We don’t spam!

Spamming is usually criticised the most on Linkedin, where emails can be screenshotted and Social Media Recruiters are named and shamed. It appears that this is the main reason that recruiters are generally black marked. The content of these spam emails is usually irrelevant nonsense or an ambiguous message about a ‘career opportunity’ that most people will ignore.

At 1st Reactive, we will only email candidates where the job opportunity that we have is relevant or beneficial to the individual. We wouldn’t email a Manager about an assistant position or somebody who’s worked in London their whole life about a similar position and salary offering in Glasgow! I generally tend to personalise my speculative emails for each individual, explaining what the position that I have will entail, the benefits and how their experience matches what the company is looking for. Even if the candidate isn’t interested in the position, I almost always get a response and always positive.

I tend to see a lot of spamming on general Linkedin posts and groups too, usually about something completely irrelevant to recruitment like a new office block or a published post about motivation that some recruiters will spam to help boost their network. This is another taboo that none of our recruitment consultants will participate in. We don’t recruit to increase our popularity, we’re subtle and spend our time effectively to fill vacancies for clients.

We use keyword search appropriately

Keyword search is god’s gift to recruiters, don’t get me wrong, I would never take it for granted, but it seems that a lot of consultants forget that keyword searching is just the initial step in determining the suitability of a candidate. This is great for an initial step in finding an appropriate match, but it is essential that we read their entire history to avoid wasting both the individual and the clients’ time.

To put this into context, we would never carelessly email or message a Marketing Director on an £80,000 salary about an £18,000 Marketing Assistant position, just because keyword search showed that they were a Marketing Assistant all the way back in 2001!

At 1st Reactive, we don’t try and contact a candidate on the basis of a keyword match within the job description. We take the time to read somebody’s profile and CV before making a judgement about whether the position is right for them and whether the candidate is right for the company. We search for as long as it takes to find the ideal candidate to save wasting anybody’s time.


All of our recruiters work on a strictly 50% client and 50% candidate basis. Once we have a vacancy we will approach candidates that match the skill-set required and the people that may benefit from the position. We’re attentive and respectful in our approach, we don’t spam or contact applicants that wouldn’t be interested. We work to obtain the best possible outcome for both the client and the job seeker!

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