5 August 2016

So, I’m hoping, like me, you’ve been wondering around the streets at night looking for some…Pokémon!

That’s right, the future I imagined 10 years ago is finally here, and so is my latest blog, with a tenuous link to recruitment!

So how is recruitment just like Pokémon?

Let me tell you:


All companies want a Mewtwo!

Mewtwo, is of course, an extremely rare, legendary Pokémon.

Hard to catch, with excellent ability and powers, everyone is after this candidate!


Jigglypuff is an euphemism for time wasters!

Sleepy and lazy, these Pokémon just apply to keep their benefits coming.


Beware of candidates that keep disappearing and popping out of balls.

These candidates manage to get an interview, get an offer and accept, only for them to then stay at their current employer as they’ve managed to get a £5k pay rise.  Glad to be of service!


There’s tons of Rattatas and Pidgeys around!

Seriously, the competition out there is fierce, so do your best to be selected!


Gym battles are obviously interviews!

Aren’t they? 😉


So there we go, recruitment is exactly like Pokémon, now I just need to place you all!



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