12 May 2017

Graphic design is an incredibly rewarding career choice that greatly appeals to people with a true creative flair. Every day will be different for you and you’ll have the opportunity to take on a varied role where you could be liaising with a client one minute and spending the next helping to design a website or graphics for a corporate event!

If you’re currently a Graphic Designer who is in between jobs or a graduate looking for the position to kick start your design career then you’ll already know just how competitive the market is. Specialising in marketing and design has taught me that graphic design positions generate the most interest of any vacancy that we recruit for within these sectors and we sometimes receive hundreds of applications for just one job advert. So, in such a competitive market, how do you get yourself noticed as a talented Designer?

From a recruitment perspective, there are a number of hints and tips that I can offer you in terms of what our clients are looking for.

Showcase your ability from the out-set

Your CV and how it is presented is everything, especially when it comes to design vacancies. Based on past experience, if the Director of a company has a choice of two people with similar qualifications and experience, but one is a word document and one is a PDF with illustrations and a swanky layout, they will always interview the candidate with the CV that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Include Examples

Most Designers have some sort of portfolio, whether it’s print-based, your own website or a digital portfolio. The problem is, when an employer receives two hundred CVs for the same position, chances are they won’t be reading all two hundred in depth. The majority of applicants will put a link to their online portfolio at the top of their CV which is great but unfortunately, most will not get looked at by employers. The trick is to include some examples of your design work in a shortened version of your portfolio underneath your CV, but in the same document. Present it well and keep it varied! You’re going to want to showcase your varied skill-set, include some print based work, some digital assets and designs created for a varied number of purposes/industries. This will appeal to more companies and get you noticed! You don’t have to give everything away at once (save something for the interview) but I can guarantee that this will get you noticed.

Make it your own

Design is tricky because it’s conceptual and based on personal preference, but don’t be afraid to be bold. Use bright colours and big bold titles! If your personal design style is to push the boundaries, design your CV around this. If your design style is to be elegant and classy, present this in your CV. If you’re put forward to several Graphic design positions, you need to be in a company that suits a style that you love. If your CV portrays your own personal design genre, your ideal employer will want to meet you as soon as they see it. Remember, a job has to suit you too and as a Recruitment Consultant, this will help us to match you to your ideal position.

Send your creations to 1st Reactive today and we will get you on the path to your dream design role.

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